Professional milling of plastic sheets

Solutions, manufacturing, and machining of products from plastic sheet materials. Supply of finished products, semi-finished goods, and components for further use in manufacturing, as well as final products intended for placement on the market.

Serial milling

Polycarbonate sheets (PC)

We process polycarbonate that meets the highest quality requirements. Availability of materials with antistatic surface treatment.

Acrylic sheets (PMMA)

Similarly, as with other materials, we also have a wide stock supplies of high-quality PMMA sheets.

Composite panels

Processing and supply of certified construction composite panels, as well as composites designed for design and advertising purposes.

PVC and PE sheets

Wide offer of various types of plastics and engineering plastics (PVC, PE, PET-G, A-PET)

Custom machining

Milling (CNC machining)

Accurate fabrication of desired shapes and holes according to specifications included in the drawings.


Simple thermal shaping of sheet materials according to requirements.


Edge polishing with a diamond tool or flame.


We have years of experience in processing plastics for all categories of clients. Our partners include large industrial companies as well as enthusiastic DIY enthusiasts.



After agreement, we provide delivery of the order anywhere in Europe. It is also possible to arrange Just In Time deliveries with the client.

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